The Olhausen Family has worked in the billiards business since the 1930s. Originally, ‘Pop’ Olhausen owned a pool hall in Hartley, Iowa. That’s how Pop’s son, Gerald Elmer ‘Jerry’ Olhausen, learned the business. In 1960, Jerry started a pool table repair and supply business in Las Cruces, New Mexico. It was there that Jerry taught his two sons, Butch and Donny, the trade that became their livelihood.

In 1968, Butch moved to San Diego, CA and was later joined by Donny. The two brothers started their own pool table service business–delivering pool tables for a local manufacturing company. When the owner of that business decided to sell, Butch and Donny purchased the company for $1,000 plus inventory. In their first year, the Olhausen brothers built about 60 pool tables.

Applying what they learned from their dad to the tables they now built in their own workshop, Butch and Donny revised construction techniques and upgraded materials. Many of their immediate changes resulted from the problems they had learned about while repairing competitors’ tables with their dad.

Through hard work, talent and a little luck, they built the largest pool table manufacturing company in the world—first in San Diego and later outside Nashville, Tennessee. They have built one-half million tables over the past 40 years—all Made in America.

Today, Donny runs the 250,000 square-foot factory while Butch manages the Olhausen Gamerooms & Outdoors store in San Diego with his sons Brian and Willie.

Family owned, family operated and built for families who know that staying together means playing together, Olhausen Gamerooms and Outdoors products are the best in the business.