the difference

Olhausen builds the world’s best pool table.
Since 1972, the Olhausen Family has built more than 500,000 pool tables.

What separates us is more than exacting craftsmanship.
It’s what’s inside that makes us the world’s best-built pool table—a combination of materials, know-how, dedication and pride.

How an Olhausen Pool Table is Built
Accu-Fast® Cushions

Our hallmark Accu-Fast cushions are made of 100% pure gum rubber.
Coupled with proprietary methods of curing and shaping, our Olhausen tables will consistently play the same way year in and year out. This core difference is why our tables are considered the best playing table in the world.


Best Grade Slow-Growth Hardwoods

Olhausen tables are built with slow-growth northern hardwoods rather than cheaper southern woods. Slow-growth northern hardwood has tighter grain patterns, resulting in less streaking and discoloration and a far finer look and finish. Our Tennessee factory is in close proximity to some of the world’s premier lumber suppliers.


World’s Finest Slate

Our inch thick slate, mined and diamond honed from quarries in South America, is second to none.


Uniliner Frame Construction

Our frames will never sag or flex and have been certified to support over 20,000 pounds. Inside every frame, you’ll find proprietary components and building methods that allow our tables to withstand just about anything. Only Olhausen’s Uniliner construction has factory built-in rigidity and strength.


Lifetime Warranty®

Our Lifetime Warranty means just what it says. If you’ve got a problem, we will fix it. Just call us. Chances are you’ll speak to an Olhausen family member to get your problem resolved. We founded this company. We build our own pool tables. We stand behind them. Always have. Always will. No exceptions.