With a reasonable amount of care, your Olhausen pool table will perform exceptionally well for decades. Here’s how to get the best performance from your pool table:




Under normal play, replacing the cloth should occur every three to five years. If you have a mark or cloth burn on the table, rub the spot with a damp cloth.

If the nap collects in small balls, relax. It is normal in new cloth. Vacuum or brush the cloth as needed. Occasional vacuuming also removes dust that has filtered through the cloth. Use a dust cover when the table is not in use.

If liquid is spilled on the cloth, place a damp, soft absorbent towel or cloth over the spot to minimize discoloration.



Olhausen pool tables have a catalyzed lacquer finish on the rails that require little care. If your rail top scratches, simply use a touch up market matching your table’s finish. A bit of spray wax on the rails from time to time will keep your rails looking sharp.



Your pockets are just like a pair of shoes, briefcase or handbag—they can be scuffed. Also, they may be stiff at the outset but with time and use, they will soften. If your pockets do not hang symmetrically, simply weight them by leaving balls in the pockets for a few days. Occasionally, wipe the leather with a damp cloth or with saddle soap.



If you want your table moved, call us. Our authorized team professionally installed your table. Doing it yourself may hurt the slate, aprons or rails. More importantly, you’ll void your warranty.



Please complete the ‘Contact Us’ form on this website for pool table moving, re-covering, new pockets and other services.