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MTV – Real World / Las Vegas

MTV Cribs – Featuring Ryan Sheckler

Watch for an Olhausen pool table in Ryan Shecklers home on MTV Cribs Episode 1605.

Click here to watch the Ryan Sheckler episode Online >

CBS – Big Brother 11

Watch for Olhausen’s very own Brentwood pool table from our Signature Series on Big Brother 11. It is bound to be a playful battle of the cliques.

MTV – Real World / Cancun

An Olhausen pool table is found in this season MTV’s The Real World: Cancun. Cast members Ayiiia and CJ are shown here playing a game of pool on one of our most popular Tournament Series tables. Catch the dramatic series The Real World: Cancun on MTV and watch for drama around our Olhausen pool table!Click here to watch the Ryan Sheckler episode Online

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