Room Chart/Table Sizing/Accu-Mat®

Historically, the 4′ x 8′ table is by far the most popular home size. Also, the standard cue length is 58.”

To choose the table size that’s best for your playing area, use the chart below or write us an email in the ‘Contact Us’ box of this website. We’ll let you take home our full-sized Accu-Mat® In-Home room dimension chart—an Olhausen exclusive.

Let us customize these details to your liking.
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Accu-Fast® Cushion

The core feature of the Olhausen pool table is the Accu-Fast cushion. Of all the grades of rubber available, only the highest grade is good enough for Accu-Fast.


This premium quality rubber is processed with proprietary procedures and pigments to increase accuracy and produce consistent play for many years. We also use special ‘anti-reversion’ chemicals to prevent rubber from reverting to its natural soft state.

Most importantly, Accu-Fast® cushions are Made in America. It would cost far less to import our cushions but quality is the hallmark of our building. Cushions are the most important part of your table and the reason why our tables are purchased worldwide.
Our cushions are offered on every pool table we sell and we’ve never had to replace one due to defect. That’s 500,000 built, zero problems. Accu-Fast cushions are the best in the industry and can only be found on an Olhausen pool table.

We offer a Lifetime Warranty on our Accu-Fast® cushions and we challenge anyone to top our manufacturing process.

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